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4/6/15 Beavers learn to make camp fires and cook marshmallows.

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13/2/14 Beavers make a Giant Horse for Chinese New Year

photo(7) photo(6) photo(5)  photo(3)photo(4)


Beavers Burns Night

We had a parent, Jenny Foster, put on a Burns Supper for the Beavers.
The Beavers made model Nessies and tried haggis, tatties and neeps. The Beavers loved it!

Thanks Jenny!

photophoto(2) photo(1)



The Beavers earned their Creative Badge tonight for their fabulous Halloween party decorations.

photo (1) photo (2) photo


Beavers have been hard at work painting pumpkins, spiders, zombies & all things scary for our upcoming Halloween party!

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10/10/13 The Beavers held a conker competition this evening. There were some “cracking” shots. Fun was had by all.

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3/10/13 The Beavers made Bird Feeders tonight to help the birds over the coming winter months.

The Beavers learn’t how to make Slush Puppies tonight and they all passed with flying colours!

                        “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”!

photo(8)    Testing the Slush Puppies

The Beavers were making their masks tonight, as can be seen from the photographs below, they had a great time.

photo(2) photo(3) photo(4)


Our Beavers working towards their Air Activities Badge.

Air Activities Beavers

They’ve made an airplane inside the Scout Hut and they are about to make a test flight!


Last week they made kites and then took them flying outside the Scout Hut!

IMG_5298 IMG_5292 IMG_5296

The Beavers went for their annual walk to Chapmore End. It was a glorious evening as you can see!

Beavers Hike to Chapmore End July '13


Summer BBQ 2013

IMG_1420 IMG_1419 IMG_1418


Cubs at Gilwell Funday 2013

IMG_20130622_101331 IMG_20130622_101323 IMG_20130622_101242 IMG_20130622_095215